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Drupal Case Study

Website Redesign in Drupal 8 Helps a Rockstar Nonprofit Get an Edge

The Challenge

Youth on Record is dedicated to empowering high school students, especially those at-risk and underprivileged, to succeed in their future through musical programs. It partners with schools, treatment centers, local and national musicians to provide for-credit classes that are engaging, inspirational, and culturally relevant to students. Its website struggled to show the tangible impact of giving kids access to learn from real artists, and didn’t support crucial fundraising and event awareness efforts.

Elevated Third created a new site information architecture, improved user experience, and a modern, responsive design was developed in Drupal 8.

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The Drupal 8 Solutions

Youth on Record had a lot of content to provide to its audience, but it was not organized well or easy to navigate.

Elevated Third loves clients who bring media to a build. It is great to have a visually engaged client who has lots of content to choose from, but a slew of media can mean constant confusion. In this case, Drupal 8 saved a lot of hassle. Drupal 8 allows for simpler integration of external libraries. Elevated Third easily included a library to handle implementation of the Twitter API, which saved hours of work and cost, and allows for Youth on Record’s content to be consistently relevant.

Nonprofit site maintenance is constantly being handed over and turned around. Keeping consistent, fresh knowledge, as well as a maintenance guidebook for the site can be a huge challenge.

Drupal 8’s default admin experience is much improved and relies heavily on customization, which allows Elevated Third to make it even easier for clients to use. They can develop a site that fits a nonprofit’s needs perfectly so it can be seamlessly passed down over time. Moreover, Drupal 8’s ability to interface with all types of platforms means that new functionally is available on a consistent basis. Pattern Lab, a third-party tool, was used to build media-based components and centrally manage templates and style assets, which helped mitigate the risk of mistake and inconsistency in various implementation across the site.


Unrestricted Potential

The new Youth on Record website acts both as a resource and a media center for all aspects of the organization. A new emphasis on fundraising and partnerships goes hand-in-hand with a refreshed brand and ability to attract more followers, partner artists and event goers. All of this will help Youth on Record access a broader audience that will continue to contribute to the organization in valuable ways. Drupal 8 proved to be an invaluable tool that provided a full, future-proofed website for a deserving client and organization. Even with a learning curve, the project was launched on time, under budget, and exceeded client expectations.

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Denver nonprofit Youth on Record desperately needed a new website to better showcase its groundbreaking work in youth music education and grow its brand. The Elevated Third team needed experimentation and learning time in the Drupal 8 platform. A pro-bono website redesign project was the answer to both. They built a smart, edgy site for a deserving client, and cut their teeth on Drupal 8 in the process.
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Elevated Third designed and developed a bright, edgy, Drupal 8 website that absolutely ROCKS! - Andrea Viarrial-Murphy, director of visibility and operations

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