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ShoreTel came to Myplanet with a number of challenges stemming from a single root cause: a disjointed digital presence.

Customers were forced to use two different web sites when interacting with the company, a by-product of ShoreTel’s acquisition of M5 Networks in 2012. ShoreTel was evolving its brand identity to enable one unified message for its customer base. The company had already selected an agency to draft the new brand standard, but needed a specialist to envision the digital manifestation of this new identity.

Having two different sites to communicate the company’s offerings created a suboptimal user experience for new visitors and for existing customers, as well as for their business partners. Not only was the experience disjointed externally, but internally ShoreTel was forced to keep two instances of everything as they maintained two separate web properties. Consequently, this also created additional challenges on the SEO front.

The existing two site setup meant that SEO efforts would have to be doubled as each entity would require individualized optimization. That being the case, there were definitely efficiencies to be gained by consolidating the properties but doing so in a way that would maintain rankings and page authority.

Their current CMS, Clickability, was incredibly difficult to use. As Carolyn Wellsfry Cheng, Demand Generation Leader, put it, “It basically took an act of congress to make a change to the website.” There was only one person on the marketing side who was able to execute changes using Clickability, so the team’s efficiency was completely reliant on one person’s bandwidth.

A core part of ShoreTel’s mantra is “brilliantly simple”, and this setup was anything but.

Lastly, the current CMS also didn’t allow ShoreTel’s non-U.S. business partners the freedom and flexibility to localize content for their respective markets. The ShoreTel team believed this was reducing the amount of marketing qualified leads their web presence was generating outside the USA.

shoretel screenshot

The Myplanet design team worked shoulder-to-shoulder with ShoreTel to create a website that truly encapsulated the newly refined ShoreTel identity.

“We were excited by our new brand identity, but we needed a partner to help establish a digital style guide that felt like ShoreTel. The Myplanet team’s expertise and collaborative approach made the new ShoreTel brand a reality within our digital channel. ”

Jessica Kersey, VP Marketing and Communications at ShoreTel

As soon as ShoreTel described their problems with managing multiple web properties, localizing content, and complex content administration protocols, it was clear that Drupal would be the perfect solution.

As Myplanet technical lead Imran Khoja explains, “Drupal is a flexible framework that supports many tools out of the box with a community of contributed modules. Its’ ability to support multi-domain and multi-lingual sites across one installation was something we thought would really help the ShoreTel team”

Drupal allowed Imran’s team to consolidate ShoreTel’s two web properties into one, finally giving ShoreTel a web presence that was intuitive and simplified, both internally and externally. It also let them focus on optimizing the user experience to maximize the web property as a lead generation tool.

Myplanet also partnered with Mediative, an expert SEO and performance optimization agency, to tackle the challenge of improving rankings with the consolidated system and maximizing lead generation and conversion rates.

Working hand-in-hand, Mediative and Myplanet implemented the optimal data structure, schemas, and modular customizations needed to consolidate the system for improved performance for both local and international markets.

As an organization that prides itself on being world-class and cutting-edge, the marketing team also needed straightforward tools for executing changes to the website without needing to become coders. The implementation of Drupal gave them just that. The Shoretel team would no longer be at the mercy of one person’s schedule when it came to updating the website. At the same time, it was important for ShoreTel to ensure that the right amount of freedom and flexibility was given to the right people. To accommodate this, Myplanet worked with ShoreTel to construct a comprehensive permissions structure, ensuring that one person wasn’t able to accidentally take down the entire site.

shoretel screenshot

“Myplanet made my job so much easier throughout this process. They worked hand-in-hand with my team ensuring they were enabled with the tools they needed. This let me focus on strategy instead of firefighting project issues.”

Jessica Kersey, VP Marketing and Communications at ShoreTel

Finally, the company experienced strong success in driving additional leads thanks to a new online Partner Finder. Drupal’s content management capabilities also allowed for ShoreTel’s non-U.S. partners to create, order, and localize content as they wished. Empowering these global partners was vital according to Ms. Wellsfry Cheng because, as she says, “They know their markets better than we do, so they need to be able to do things on their own.”

After four months of design and development, the new ShoreTel website launched on-time with a unified experience for customers, partners, and ShoreTel’s internal teams.

“Having worked with the Myplanet team in the past, I trusted their ability to craft the right experience for our customers and to empower my team with world-class marketing technology.
They delivered.”

Mark Roberts, CMO, ShoreTel

ShoreTel now had a system that matched their global brand and scale - A platform that provided a delightful and intuitive experience in enabling its people to truly exercise their marketing prowess.

ShoreTel’s website also earned two best in class awards in the B2B and Telecommunications categories which represent the highest honor bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards.

The Interactive Media Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and utilize a comprehensive judging system in selecting award recipients of the dozens of applicants.

ShoreTel is one of the largest providers of cloud, premises-based, and hybrid business telephony and unified communications solutions.

Having received the 2014 New Business Product of the Year, and the Unified Communications 2014 and 2016 Product of the Year awards, ShoreTel is recognized throughout the industry as both a leader and an innovator.

At their 2015 ShoreTel partner conference the company proudly unveiled a new, unified ShoreTel brand and product portfolio. Behind the scenes, significant upgrades had been made to their website and marketing technology to enable a world-class demand generation team.

ShoreTel went on to deliver significant improvement in web engagement and online lead generation. Find out more about their journey.
ShoreTel Screenshot
In the weeks leading up to the reveal of the new ShoreTel, I had expected a panicked rush to the finish line. The Myplanet team had clearly done this before. They knew the potential pitfalls and made the process easy.

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