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Drupal Enables Savant to Elevate the Everyday

Savant, the company whose home automation software powers the world's grandest homes, castles, and yachts, has the cache that many luxury brands can only dream of. But as they made the leap into building products for the broader market it became apparent that their brand elements and communications did not live up to that discerning standard.


Savant was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. Since their inception, Savant has been a leader in the home automation space focused on providing innovative and usable home automation products.

Over the years, Savant’s technology has evolved and their company has grown, but they have remained focused and committed to delivering innovative and usable products. With Savant’s newest product line, they are beginning to sell their products to the mass market which comes with it’s own set of nuanced challenges and opportunities.

When an individual purchases a home automation product, they’re providing an incredibly high value piece of real estate in the highest traffic area of their lives - their homes. Consumers entrust this space to a brand for two reasons: they believe in the value of the product, and the brand aligns with their world view. William J. Lynch, CEO of Savant says "Our ultimate goal is to help our customers make their homes a better reflection of themselves." The first step toward accomplishing that goal, is to align Savant’s brand with the caliber and innovative nature of their product line.

Savant embarked on not only a complete overhaul of its brand identity, but also of the marketing strategy that would serve as the backbone and guiding star of all customer touch points. The first brand property to be updated was the Savant web presence, which was designed and built with Drupal, the open source CMS. Savant gave Konrad Group, a full service digital agency, a directive that was challenging, yet perfectly fit the Savant’s values and the goals of the broader Drupal community: “Our website should look and feel like an immersive experience to the end user, but remain modular and maintainable.”

Drupal empowers Savant to change the way you enjoy your home

When evaluating platforms for Savant’s updated website, there were three core criteria that led Savant to select Drupal: longevity of the platform, technical flexibility, and unwavering performance.

Longevity of the platform is essential for any organization, especially when the web development landscape is rapidly changing. Savant needed to know that a significant community of passionate developers would help to grow the platform as their needs, and the needs of consumers changed. Savant is constantly growing, expanding into new markets, and innovating, so it is essential the platform powering their main brand property mirrors those characteristics.

Savant required technical flexibility for two reasons: first, Savant didn’t want to be unnecessarily restricted in the direction of their web presence, they wanted the freedom to push the limits associated with a traditional CMS. Second, there is an implicit connection drawn by consumers between the experience they have on a brand’s web property, and the experience they will have when interacting with their product. Savant’s products are technically innovative and extremely usable, and it was a requirement their CMS solution was too.

With the focus of Savant’s redesign revolving around creating an aspirational brand, the website needed to convey that not only in how it looked, but also how it felt. The heavy use of imagery and animation had the potential to weigh on the performance of the platform, but Savant required flawless performance on all form factors. Drupal allowed Savant to create an experience that was an embodiment of the control and personalization their brand is built upon without sacrificing performance.

While not a requirement in Savant’s purchasing decision, the open source nature of Drupal allowed them to save significantly on licensing fees. As a result, Savant was able to take those cost savings and invest them into continually providing site visitors an informative and immersive experience by partnering with an industry leading Drupal implementation partner.  


The core tenants of the Drupal platform - reliable performance, modularity, and versatility - was a perfect fit for Savant. Their solution implementation partner of choice,  Konrad Group, is a global leader in the enterprise and consumer technology space focused on building compelling user experiences. Konrad Group’s Drupal expertise and previous history working with Savant made them the ideal choice for implementing this immersive and flexible solution.

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Redefining Savant’s web property is one thing. Crafting a lasting brand with values that permeate across customer interactions is another. Savant is on the road to creating a brand with a lasting impact, and Drupal is helping them get there.

Savant, the company behind the home automation software powering Bono’s castle and Steve Jobs’ yacht, has the association that many luxury brands could only dream of. But as they made the leapt into building products for the mass market it became apparent that the brand elements and brand communication did not live up to that cache.
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Our website should look and feel like an immersive experience to the end user, but remain modular and maintainable.

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