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MyRevera serves as the internal communications channel for Revera’s 45,000 employees. Faced with dropping user engagement, Revera found it’s intranet content editors were discontent with publishing tools and overall flexibility of the system, and that employees/users were most frustrated with slow load times and poor search results. Ultimately, the best solution would be a complete overhaul of the system and to implement a Drupal-based platform on Acquia Cloud.

The Challenge

Revera owns or operates more than 500 properties across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, offering seniors apartments, independent living, assisted living, memory care, and long-term care.

Revera was not satisfied with its existing intranet. Even though management rated the intranet’s importance to the organization as high, use was low. Problems included a rudimentary search system, confusing naming conventions, and an unintuitive site structure.

Toronto agency Design Lab, which serves as Revera's marketing and design firm, reached out to Digital Echidna to provide a technically advanced solution to meet the organization's intranet needs in the form of its EchidNET product. Digital Echidna and Design Lab partnered throughout the project to ensure the delivery of a solution tailored to Revera's organizational needs.

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The Solution

Traditionally, intranets have been built on proprietary platforms such as Sharepoint or, in Revera’s case, Kentico. Revera was open to exploring the Drupal CMS for an intranet upon learning that open source is an increasingly popular and more viable choice. Compared to costly proprietary platform where licensing fees typically based on number of users, the cost of running a Drupal intranet is significantly lower than proprietary platforms.

Moving to an open source, cloud-based web CMS solution was compelling for the Revera organization, said Michael Grant, vice president of strategic solutions at Digital Echidna.

“Revera needed a platform that could handle the workload but also continue to innovate,” he said. “This was an excellent opportunity to implement an innovative open source solution like Drupal.”

Because of the scope and variety of content, and the number of system interfaces, intranets of many health care organizations can be much more complex than their respective public websites. Among its health care sector clients, Digital Echidna noticed a pattern in the core features and intranet functions required. In response, EchidNET was created.

EchidNET is a highly technical, Drupal-based intranet solution that comes standard with the core components that all health care intranets need. After its initial install, EchidNET was customized according to needs per client. This typically means developing the theme layer to match that of the public site wireframes, as well as modifying functionality to suit where needed.

Revera’s updated intranet solution, myRevera, is on the EchidNET platform on Drupal and fully realizes the expectations of the Revera team.

Improved tools for management of files and documents include:

  • Using metadata to keep the files better organized
  • Ensuring files can be uploaded to avoid breaking links, or reused to avoid duplicate postings
  • The ability to upload multiple files in an efficient way, which was critical to project success
  • More realistic constraints on file size to allow larger files to be uploaded
  • Providing better tools for searching and sorting content
  • The ability to drag and drop components and layouts, and WYSIWYG editor tools for improved flexibility
  • Better permissions and role management to provide users with greater control when needed, or more constrained experiences when they don’t
  • Organize documents in such a way to not require digging deep into the site hierarchy to find them

To host the new Drupal-based site and support its operations, Digital Echidna recommended Acquia Cloud, a fully managed cloud hosting platform from Acquia, tuned for Drupal performance and optimized for large enterprise Drupal websites.

Acquia Cloud’s platform has a dedicated isolated network, two-factor authentication, built-in security features, and a strategic multi-geographic disaster recovery failover plan. Finally the developer tools are top notch: drag-and-drop workflow; separate build, stage and production environments; monitoring and troubleshooting tools; and much more.

The Results

EchidNET is built to increase collaboration and communication and the Acquia Cloud is purpose-built to provide an enhanced Drupal ecosystem. Using the two together provides a leading-edge tool on a elite-level platform to create a best-of-breed user experience for Revera.

The deployment of MyRevera has gone extremely well, with Revera management rating the success of the intranet launch as 9.8 on a scale of 10. Users report improved search results and load times thanks to a caching strategy and design and development methodology that ensures page load times of less than three seconds. Content editors see improved page performance in uploads/downloads. As well, positive reviews are pouring in for the onboarding wizard tool that guides new employees/users through the process of determining the spaces relevant to their role and to create customizable home pages with target subscription feeds to their specific organizational role.

Revera’s goal was to provide the most current information to employees so they could get their jobs done on a daily basis -- be it access to applications, manuals, policies, forms, templates, or stories. The new MyRevera intranet achieves this and more. It is mobile-friendly with an improved end-user experience, and is truly a one-stop shop for employee information.

Revera is a privately owned Canadian company, founded in 1961 and headquartered in Mississauga, Canada. Revera is a leading owner, operator, and investor in the senior living sector and employs approximately 45,000 people.
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Thanks to Acquia’s purpose-built Drupal platform, we were able to provide an optimized authenticated experience and realize blazing-fast load times and eliminate the client’s speed pain-point.” - Michael Grant, vice president of strategic solutions, Digital Echidna

Facts & Figures

  • Revera is a leading owner, operator and investor in the senior living sector
  • Owns or operates over 500 properties
  • Locations in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom
  • Approximately 45,000 employees serve more than 50,000 people
  • Acquia client since 2017
  • Drupal user since 2017

Success enabled with:

  • Acquia Cloud
  • Digital Echidna

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