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Drupal Case Study

‘The best things in life are always a bit Higgidy...’

The Challenge

Higgidy is a growing business, producing incredible high-quality food that is sold in supermarkets throughout the UK. In 2017, Higgidy launched a major rebranding exercise, moving to a more modern and fresh look with a focus on content-driven marketing through recipes and lifestyle content.

The existing aging custom developed CMS that was in place didn’t provide the tools to support this move, and was holding Higgidy back from being able to communicate with its customers in a flexible and consistent way that would allow the site to grow alongside the rest of the business.


Drupal 8 was selected for this project based on several factors; primarily the capacity for the site to scale with the business over time, combined with simple but powerful content management. The potential for future upgrades to bring commerce into the platform was also an attractive benefit, allowing us to ensure that we don’t end up with a fragmented tech stack split across multiple platforms that could become complex and expensive to maintain. Being mobile-first was a core consideration for the platform selection, and Drupal 8 provides a seamless content experience every time for users accessing across many different device types.

Key Benefits and Drupal Technologies

One of the first tech decisions made was to make use of the Lightning Distro of D8 curated by Acquia. This provided a terrific head start for a site of this nature, right out of the box, providing some very key components and ensuring that we were able to get going with the minimum of fuss.

The site is primarily powered by Views coupled with some custom serialization to export product and recipe APIs, which are consumed by the Vue.js frontend. Selecting the API for each section is handled by the ViewsReference module, enabling quick customisation and delivery of any new API changes at a point convenient to the client. The site also integrates the Higgidy brand Instagram feed via the Instagram Block module, and uses Webform for both Get In Touch-style feedback and customer signups as part of targeted promotional campaigns.

This is just the start, as we have a roadmap of exciting new features to come throughout 2017 and beyond.


Graphite Digital is a full-service digital agency that develops products and campaigns for a broad client base in the UK and internationally. Our clients appreciate the skill and sensitivity with which we translate the latest digital innovations into engaging solutions for their audiences.

Perfect has its place, but we think the best food always looks a bit Higgidy. That’s why none of our pies, quiches or sausage rolls look quite like their neighbour.
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I’ve been so impressed with the Graphite team and their approach to implementing Drupal 8 for us. They have taken time to understand our business, helped define our digital strategy and created a site, which not only showcases the product beautifully but also extends and develops the visual identity of our brand beyond our packaging. Drupal has provided us with a powerful set of tools to manage the site content and we're confident that the site will grow with the brand over the coming years. – Joe Marshall, Higgidy brand manager

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