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Uniting and integrating a global charity’s message for the mobile world

Like most charities today, Care International operates in a complex, fast moving digital environment and depends on the digital experience it delivers to define its mission, report its actions and raise the donations essential to its operations. The 70-year old global organisation works in 75 developing countries to help millions of the world’s poorest people find a way out of poverty.  The United Kingdom arm of the charity needed to adapt to regular changes in mobile technology, SEO algorithms, online payment methods, and social media in order to keep generating the funds necessary for their world-improving work.

Background: New user pathways

The previous Care International online presence was disjointed, consisting of two separate, non-mobile websites. In merging them toward one user friendly experience, the goal was to create a clear user journey relying on accessible content and strong calls to action--thus improving user follow through on charity fundraising and goals. The new site also needed to improve brand awareness with its new look: unified with the feel of the worldwide organization, but true to the UK audience.

Screenshot of CARE donation page

Integrated involvement

Turning to Drupal, the design team built a responsive website on layers of engaging content suited to different devices. The site is easier to update on the administrative side, too. The development team extended Drupal with custom functionality, adding features like linking dynamic internal ads--relating directly to other Care International activities--to relevant content. This enables clients in content creation and engaging users with a trail of relevant content to follow, resulting in a more engaging platform.

The UK website is also now better suited to tell the organization’s stories and showcase the difference they are making around the world. The site’s unique events area helps conversion with a simple registration form and a prominent call-to-action, built on helping users to more easily find their areas of greatest interest. The new site is built around a continuous storytelling model, encouraging users to read on once they’ve found their initial focal point--continuing their journey from page to page. This has resulted in greater visitor engagement and involvement. The UK website is now being considered for use as the template for Care International’s presence in other countries.

Image of CARE mobile on a smartphone

Improvements in Digital Fundraising

A few days after the new site launch, the catastrophic first earthquake in Nepal occurred and fundraising needs were at their peak. The new site passed this challenge with flying colours, as thousands of pounds were raised in the initial days following the earthquake--allowing the organisation to reach more than 23,000 people with food, emergency shelter, and hygiene items. Landing pages are now tied in with Google AdWords campaigns, meaning users are taken directly to key content and online payment gateways, and the prominent call to action successfully lead other users directly to the donations area. The new responsive design allowed them to follow through with donations from any device: mobile devices accounted for more than half the total amount of donations. The new site was stable and powerful enough to sustain the sudden surge in traffic and donations, whilst previously, the website simply could not handle sudden sharp peaks in activity, resulting in a devastating downtime and the loss of vital donations.

Since Nepal, the site has experienced continued improvements that highlight the benefits of upgrading to a responsive, multilayered design:

  • 67% increase in visitors to the website
  • 32% increase in pages viewed
  • 53% increase in mobile sessions
  • 87% increase in tablet sessions

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Pedalo logoWe are a London based web design and development agency with over 15 years of experience.  We are passionate about digital. Our team includes expert Drupal developers, user experience and design professionals.  Our specialty is bespoke Drupal projects and our team of Developers often create their own Drupal modules when none are readily available to meet our clients’ needs. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and numerous site launches.

Care International was founded in 1945 to send Care packages' to people recovering from war. The organization has been fighting poverty and injustice in the world's most vulnerable places ever since.
Screenshot of CARE website
"The new website is a huge improvement over what we had, and the initial feedback is excellent. We are very, very happy." — Richard Edwards, Digital Manager at Care International UK

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